Wheel PRO-Tech


Ultra-long-lasting Nano Tech coating for permanent wheel protection The Always Dry Wheel Pro-Tech rim protection uses the same technology as our 9H-LDC PRO to create a strong chemical bond. by producing a highly hydrophobic, ultra-hard surface. Wheel Pro-Tech was created specifically to withstand the intense heat generated by braking systems in cars. For all wheel types, whether normal, painted, chrome, or alloy, it offers the best protection. Bid adieu to brake dust deterioration and welcome to better wheel rim defence. above and beyond all other wheel and tyre protection coatings.

The performance of Wheel Pro Tech is extraordinary due to its exceptional fine surface technology and chemical bonding method. Due to the chemical link produced between the wheel surfaces and the former property, the coating has great stain (brake dust) and contaminant resistance and is durable.


  • 9H-Ultra hard ceramic coat
  • Permanent chemical bond
  • Specially formulated to withstand extreme heat
  • Hydrophobic easy clean surface
  • Protects from corrosion and brake dust
  • Easy clean surface reduces maintenance
  • Protects wheels from pitting and chipping
  • Safe for chrome, alloys or painted wheels
  • Will not add shine to wheels with matte finishes
  • Ultra durable, Lasts for up to 5 years

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