Perfection Serum


Even on delicate paintwork, CPR2 polish produces fantastic results. This brand-new product, which was created with experienced body shops and detailers in mind, efficiently eliminates minor paint flaws like dual action machine haze and Rotary swirls, leaving a pristine surface free of haze, swirls, and holograms.

Even when working with dark and delicate paints, CPR2 rich compounds produce a deep, glossy, bright finish. Body shop-safe and readily wipeable, this exclusive mix reveals real results. Additionally, CPR2 is a flexible cleaner and polish that can be used with a Dual Action Polisher or Rotary Buffer and is safe to use while producing almost no dust. It is silicone free, so there won’t be any unnoticed scratches after removal. After using Always DRY CPR1 Compound to remove significant flaws, CPR2 Polish is the ideal finishing step to get results that are swirl-free and suitable for show cars.


  • Ultimate high speed finishing polish
  • Enhances colour depth & adds hyper reflective shine
  • Nano abrasive+chemical abrasive hybrid technology
  • Effectively perfects swirls, water spots & other defects
  • Perfects 2000-3000 grit scratch marks
  • User friendly easy wipe off formula
  • VOC compliant, safe for all paint types
  • Non gritty dust free formula
  • No fillers or silicone, body shop safe
  • Specially formulated for longer working time without drying out
  • Concentrated formula Just 2oz product required per vehicle*

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