Fabric Pro Tech


All types of fabrics are protected from water and oil-based stains with Always Dry’s Fabric Pro-Tech. Thanks to the distinctive Ultra Durable NanoTech Coating from Always Dry, it is both breathable and incredibly durable. Hydrophobic spray Fabric Pro-Tech is “not to be confused with Oleophobic”

Ordinary materials become waterproof and hygienic thanks to Fabric Pro-Tech. Use it to protect fabrics and stop them from getting wet, swelling, or decaying. This product can be used on baseball caps/hats, all fabric and suede shoes, shoes such as Uggs and Timberland, sneakers etc, dining chairs, dress shirts, business attire, baby cars seats, kids bibs and clothes, handbags, wedding dresses, placemats, silk shirts, expensive silk ties, baseball Golf bags, tuxedos, fishing/hunting gear, tablecloths, beautiful blouses, silk scarves, team jerseys, fabric luggage, sport coats jackets, outdoor indoor/furniture and many more. There are countless applications!


  • 148 degree Super hydrophobic effect
  • Makes surface oil, water and stain repellant
  • Protects from stains and spills
  • UV resistant- Protects from fading and cracking
  • Will not change Fabric texture
  • Allows fabric to breathe
  • Alcohol based formula for deeper penetration
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Ultra durable, Lasts for months

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