• When used on an orbital buffer, the red cutting pad’s powerful cutting action tackles severe swirls and scratches. 
  • Ideally suited for usage with our CPR1 Compound. 
  • To restore clarity, the cutting pad eliminates imperfections like swirls, scratches, oxidation, and water stains.


  • Our best selling pad for professional paint correction/perfection
  • An ideal cutting pad with safety & versatility of a polishing pad
  • High grade foam for fast, safe and efficient results
  • Can be used as Correction Serum or Perfection Serum
  • 7″ beveled edge design to correct larger areas fast
  • Flexible foam for smoother operation & less vibration
  • Cool-Tech* ventilated design prevents overheating*
  • Ultra durable construction outlasts any pad in the market
  • For use only with dual action polishers
  • Designed for professional use only

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