9H LDC Extreme

Description It acts as Ceramic Coating that protects your car efficiently and restores a flawless finish as it is an anti static, weather-resistant ultra-hard coat that shines like anything and is hydrophobic as well. It has permanent chemical bonds, self-healing properties, extreme scratch resistance and much more but lastly, it is ultra-durable and has a… Continue reading 9H LDC Extreme

9H LDC pro

Description The ultimate solution to protect and enhance your vehicle’s appearance. With advanced technology and unmatched durability, this provides a long-lasting shield against the elements.  A product that will keep your car looking pristine. The advanced nanotechnology provides water repellency ability, thereby, deterring water from bonding with the coated surface. Irrespective of rain, storm or… Continue reading 9H LDC pro


Description 9H-LDC is a that has set the benchmark in ceramic paint protection technology. It consists of highly concentrated high grade quartz nano particles permanently bond to the paint finish and becomes a functional part of the substrate. 9H-LDC is an ultra hard permanent coating that, once cured, can only be removed by machine sanding.… Continue reading 9H LDC ULTRA

Vision Tech

Description Using AlwaysDry to keep windscreens dry Vision Tech windscreen protection develops a surface that drains water and is especially effective at higher speeds. The best glass and windscreen coatings are made by Vision Tech! Always Dry’s Vision Tech is a tried-and-true technology for your car. Independent university studies demonstrate that the Vision Tech lessens… Continue reading Vision Tech

Mini Corrector


Corrector-21 HD


Perfection Serum

Description Even on delicate paintwork, CPR2 polish produces fantastic results. This brand-new product, which was created with experienced body shops and detailers in mind, efficiently eliminates minor paint flaws like dual action machine haze and Rotary swirls, leaving a pristine surface free of haze, swirls, and holograms. Even when working with dark and delicate paints,… Continue reading Perfection Serum

Correction Serum




Fabric Pro Tech

Description All types of fabrics are protected from water and oil-based stains with Always Dry’s Fabric Pro-Tech. Thanks to the distinctive Ultra Durable NanoTech Coating from Always Dry, it is both breathable and incredibly durable. Hydrophobic spray Fabric Pro-Tech is “not to be confused with Oleophobic” Ordinary materials become waterproof and hygienic thanks to Fabric… Continue reading Fabric Pro Tech